September Issue 2016

1.Attitude Of Secondary School Teachers In Different Dimension Of Teaching ProfessionSujit SamantaDOWNLOAD
2.The Native American Women: A Glimpse From Leslie Marmon Silko Selected TextsSerdihun Beypi, Professor Sivasish Biswas DOWNLOAD
3.Determinants Of Information And Communication Technology Adoption In Teaching And Learning Among Early Childhood Development And Education Schools In Kisumu CountyAjuoga, M.ADOWNLOAD
4.Climate Change And Its Impact On Marine Fish Production With Special Reference To Kanyakumari DistrictDr. G. Gnana ElpinstonDOWNLOAD
5.Extracting Comparative Sentences From Text Documents Using POS TaggingAshwini D. Pawar, Sachin N. Deshmukh DOWNLOAD
6.Analyses Of “Zetland: By A Character Witness,” A Short Story Of Saul Bellow In The Perspective Of New CriticismDr. A. Varghese Joseph, Dr. E. Koperundevi DOWNLOAD
7.Does Price Perception Influence Customer Loyalty- A Study On Telecom Sector In IndiaArchi DubeyDOWNLOAD
8.Education For Security And National Integration In Nigeria: The Indian Experiences Attahiru Ahmad SIFAWA, Idris Salisu Kurah DOWNLOAD
9.Evaluation Of Antibacterial Property Of Fresh Miswak Extract And 0.5% Sodium Fluoride Impregnated Miswak Extract Against Streptococcus Mutans And Lactobacillus Acidophilus – An Invitro StudyDr Priyanka S.G, Dr. Puja C Yavagal, Dr. Nagesh L DOWNLOAD
10.Impact Of Stress & Fatigability Of Nurses And Junior Doctors Working In ICUDr Aparup SharmaDOWNLOAD
11.Post Deposition Annealing Effects On Optical Properties Of Lead Tetrakis PhthalocyanineManesh.E.J, Dr. C. S. Menon DOWNLOAD
12.Irony In The Teaching Of Agriculture In Kenya’s Arid And Semi Arid Secondary Schools: The Students’ And Teachers’ PerspectiveKyule N. Miriam, Konyango, J. J. J. Ochieng, Nkurumwa O. Agnes DOWNLOAD
13.Effects Of Teacher’s Attitude On The Implementation Of Science In Primary Schools In KenyaGrace OyugiDOWNLOAD
14.Impact Of Panchayati Raj Institutions In Women Empowerment In BiharDr. Vinay KumarDOWNLOAD
15.An Application Of Gerard Genette’s Narrative Methods Of Mood And Voice To Study Somerset Maugham’s Short Story The PoolMs. Sashi Kala Govindarajulu, Dr. E. Koperundevi DOWNLOAD
16.The Impact Of Procurement Professionals And Functions In The Strategic Level Of Corporate OrganizationJoseph Lanton Adjei MensahDOWNLOAD
17.Thinking And Culture: A Philosophical AnalysisChinweuba, Gregory Emeka, Ezeugwu Evaristus Chukwudi DOWNLOAD
18.Concept Of Tiryak GamitwaDr. Pratibha. Kulkarni, Dr. Shrinath. Vaidya DOWNLOAD
19.Compassion Fatigue In Combat Trauma-Related Work Settings: Does It Matter?Kabunga Amir, Makori George, Mbugua Stephen DOWNLOAD
20.Management Of Peripheral Ossifying Fibroma- A Relatively Uncommon Growth In The Oral Cavity- A Case ReportGupta Kumar Rajesh, Singh Baljeet, Joshi Bharat, Mehra Pooja DOWNLOAD
21.Effect Of Fiber Content On The Physio-Mechanical Properties Of Irvingia Gabonensis Shell Fiber Reinforced Polyester CompositeS. C Nwigbo, N. C. Nnakwo, K. C. Nnakwo DOWNLOAD
22.Role Of Women Organisation To Empowering Rural Women Through EducationAnita Deka BoraDOWNLOAD
23.Comparative Farm Enterprise Profitability Of Cabbage Farmers. A Case Study Of The Ashanti Region Of GhanaBoakye-Agyeman Maxwell, Adu-Berko Felicia DOWNLOAD
24.Effect Of Aqueous Leaf Extract Of Mangifera Indica On Differential White Blood Cell CountUjah, G. A.DOWNLOAD
25.Gonadal Maturation,Courtship Behavior And Parental Care In Oreochromis MossambicusSmt Sudha. S. Patil, Dr Mangala. S. Nayak DOWNLOAD
26.A Powerful Blend Of Satire, Songs And Dances In Wole Soyinka’s Play “The Lion And The Jewel”Dr. M. VishnupriyaDOWNLOAD
27.Incidence Of Micronuclei In Buccal Mucosa Of Tobacco Smokers And AlcoholicsJ. Karuna Kumari, K. Rudrama Devi DOWNLOAD
28.Traditional Birth Attendance Among The Maasai Of KajiadoMagdaline Naseyian Kelel, Egerton University, NjoroDOWNLOAD
29.Three Dimensional Financial Performance Analysis Of Gujarat State UndertakingsDr. Ramroop K. SharmaDOWNLOAD
30.Surgical Management Of Radicular Cyst With Microscope – A Case ReportGayatri Galyan, Tamanpreet Kaur DOWNLOAD
31.Hope In Chaos: Adrienne Rich’s “The School Among The Ruins”Dr. Anne Angeline AbrahamDOWNLOAD
32.Invariant Submanifold Of Ψ (5,3) Structure ManifoldLakhan Singh, Shailendra Kumar Gautam DOWNLOAD
33.Performance Of Zea Mays On Soil Contaminated With Petroleum (Oily) SludgeOkereke, J. N., Udebuani, A. C., Ukaoma, A. A., Obasi, K.O., Ogidi, O. I., Onyekachi, U. C. DOWNLOAD
34.Pancha Bhutha (Five Elements) Sthala Temples In South India –A StudyS. Sankari, Dr. R. Rajalakshmi DOWNLOAD
35.The Liturgical Symbols In The Life And Worship Of The Catholic Church - An ExpositionA. Adaikalaraj, Dr. R. Rajalakshmi DOWNLOAD
36.Monologue Or Dialogue – How Politics Responded To Women – Revisiting A Saga Of Emancipation And ExploitationSucharita SenDOWNLOAD
37.Status Of Laser Technology In IndiaDr. Shailaj Kumar ShrivastavaDOWNLOAD
38.An Empirical Test Of Significance Of Performance Enhancing Inputs On Cocoa Yields In The Suaman District GhanaBoakye-Agyeman Maxwell, Adu-Berko FeliciaDOWNLOAD
39.IoT Intelligence-Connected Cars WSN-IoT Integration On Transportation SystemSravan Sunil TDOWNLOAD
40.Simulation Scenario For Digital Conversion And Line Encoding Of Data TransmissionOlutayo Ojuawo, Luis Binotto DOWNLOAD
41.Motion Of Porous Cylinder In Cylindrical ContainerAbhishek Kumar Singh, Pankaj Shukla, Sanjit Das DOWNLOAD
42.Drivers Of Housing Development In Ibeju-Lekki, Lagos Peri-Urban SettlementFunmilayo Mokunfayo Adedire, Professor Leke Oduwaye, Dr. Iweka, Tony DOWNLOAD
43.A Conceptual Frame Work On Career Phases Of Women In ManagementMs.Sindhu Sivan, Dr. K. Sathyamurthi DOWNLOAD
44.Contribution Of Monitoring And Evaluation To Sustainability Of Public Private Partnership Projects In Kenya: The Case Of Food FortificationPeter Nzyimi Mutua, Dr. Severina Peter Nkirina DOWNLOAD
45.Etymological Elaboration As A Pedagogical Approach: Insights From Applied LinguisticsMoses Gatambuki Gathigia DOWNLOAD
46.2D Photograpic Image: A Reliable Substitute For Traditional Casts ???Dr Jakati Sanjeev V., Dr Harish Atram, Dr Mugdha Mankar, Dr Mrunal Aley, Dr Achint Chachada DOWNLOAD
47.Demographic Aspects Of Hill Rural Out-Migrants: A Study Of Garhwal District, Uttarakhand (India)Deepak Singh Manhas, R. S. Negi DOWNLOAD
48.Enhancing Profitability In Indian Life Insurance Industry-A PropositionRamesh Kumar Satuluri, Dr. Ashok Kumar (Guide) DOWNLOAD
49.Capacity Evaluation Of Rotary Intersection In Kabul AfghanistanAbdul Moqtader Yousufzai, Anoop Bhardwaj, Waseem Bhat DOWNLOAD
50.Writing In Ancient India And Writing Materials - In The Study Of Manuscripts Dr Vaidya S M, Dr. Kulkarni Pratibha V DOWNLOAD
51.Factors Influencing Implementation Of Ict Projects In Kenya Airports AuthorityA. H. Ramadhan, Dr. Robert Gitau Muigai DOWNLOAD
52.Mysore Residency And Its Forms Of AdministrationDr. M. GovindappaDOWNLOAD
53.Evaluation Of Endosymbionts In Different Developmental Stages Of Three Population Of Bemisia TabaciTahseen. R. Hashmi, N. C Naveen, D. Dey N. M. Meshram, Ram Prasad DOWNLOAD
54.Evaluation Of Endosymbionts In Different Developmental Stages Of Three Population Of Bemisia TabaciTahseen. R. Hashmi, N. C Naveen, D. Dey, N. M. Meshram, Ram Prasad DOWNLOAD
55.Outsourcing Of Facilities Management Services In Commercial Banks In Ghana; A Conceptual View On Potential Risks And ThreatsAndrews Agbesi Gadzekpo, Daniel Amos DOWNLOAD
56.Effect Of Ginger Supplement On Chemotherapy Induced Nausea And Vomiting Among Patients Receiving Cisplatin Attending Chemotherapy Unit Of Aims, KochiSahadevan.Seena DOWNLOAD
57.Acrylamide Induced Alterations In Glutathione S-Transferase And Glutathione Peroxidase Activity And DNA Damage In Rat BrainDr. Sreenivasulu Dasari, Dr. M. Balaji DOWNLOAD
58.New Testament Response To The Challenges Of The 21st Century Marriage And FamilyIkechi Chidi EkpenduDOWNLOAD
59.Modern Worldviews Of Marriage: Biblical Response Daniel LagatDOWNLOAD
60.Ranking Of Public Sector Banks - Two Stage Dea ApproachA. Madhavi, C. Subbarami Reddy DOWNLOAD
61.Clinical Supervision And Mentorship In Nursing: The Gambia ExperienceHaddy Tunkara –BahDOWNLOAD
62.The Role Of Music In Curing Different Physical And Mental DiseasesShubham VermaDOWNLOAD
63.Numerical Study On Natural Convection In A Rectangular Cavity With Partially Active Side WallsK. Gayathri Devi, R. Siva Prasad DOWNLOAD
64.A Batch Arrival Multi-Server Queueing Model With Finite Capacity Using Diffusion ApproximationRashmita SharmaDOWNLOAD
65.Impact Of MGNREGA In Anantnag With Special Reference To Block DachiniporaUmmar Ahad, Mehraj uddin wani DOWNLOAD