May Issue 2016 (Special Issue)

1.Measurement Of Soil PH Value Using HSV Color Space Value Of ImageSwapna U.C, Prapulla Kumar MS. DOWNLOAD
2.An Efficient Signature Based Biometric System Using BPNNMs. Chandan Rani SR, Mr. Arjun BC DOWNLOAD
3.Reversible Image Data Hiding With The Fuzzy Histogram Equalization For Contrast EnhancementMs. Madhushree H G, Mrs. Shruthi K R DOWNLOAD
4.Providing Secure And Efficient Communication In WSN Using Key ManagementTrupti Mujumdar, Mrs. Srividya B.V DOWNLOAD
5.Person Recognition Based On Face DetectionTejaswini. M. R, Chandra Kumar. H. S DOWNLOAD
6.Sea Ice Floe Detection And Classification Using Adaptive ClusteringPremsagar H, Renuka DOWNLOAD
7.A IMP- LEACH-Based Routing Protocol For Energy Optimization In Wireless Sensor NetworkSachin.H.S, Madhu CK DOWNLOAD
8.Face Spoofing Detection In Biometric SystemNiranjan Gowda S.R, Shivakumar Dalali DOWNLOAD
9.Automatic Vehicle Number Plate Recognition Using Zonal FeaturesBalakrishna H M Reddy, Dr. Shashikumar D.R DOWNLOAD
10.Efficient Adaptive FIR Filter Design Based On CSASachin Kumar, B.S Usha DOWNLOAD
11.Brain Image Fusion Using DWT And Laplacian Pyramid Approach And Tumor Detection Using Watershed Segmentation Susan Mary Olakkengil, Ms. Prathima. M.N DOWNLOAD
12. AODV Path Ranking In MANET With QOS ParametersBennappa Guddakar, Chandrakala V DOWNLOAD
13.Engery Efficient, Delay-Aware, Lifetime-Balancing Data Aggregation In WSN Using ClustersKarthik P B, Dr. B Sivakumar DOWNLOAD
14.Two-Tier Energy Efficient Secure Scheme Against Power Exhausting Attacks In WSN’sLakshmi M B, Chandrakala V DOWNLOAD
15.Secure Scheme For Wireless Sensor Networks By Watchdog Location And Frequency Optimization Apeksha Balakrishna, Usharani M A DOWNLOAD
16.Voice RecognitionDeepam Khirwar, Aditya Mohapatra, Dhruba Jyoti Gautam, Ms. P. Rama DOWNLOAD