March Issue 2015

1.Workplace Discipline: A Catalyst For Organizational Productivity In NigeriaDr Patrick Nkiinebari NwinyokpugiDOWNLOAD
2.Correlation Of Psychological Disturbances And Serum Cortisol Level In Lung CancerPreeti Sharma, Dr. Rakesh SharmaDOWNLOAD
3.Self Employed Women Workers : Challenges And ProblemsSavitha .V, Dr. H. RajashekarDOWNLOAD
4.Automatic Blogs Filter In Social NetworkingYendhe Minal, Dhotre Pradnya, Avhad Yogita, Bhadarge PriyaDOWNLOAD
5.A Novice Approach To A Methodology Using Image Fusion Algorithms For Edge Detection Of Multifocus ImagesRashmi Singh, Anamika Maurya, Rajinder TiwariDOWNLOAD
6.“A Review On The Design And Analysis Of Composite Leaf Spring”Utkarsh, Anshul ChoudharyDOWNLOAD
7.Developing Ideas From Nature For CeramicsDzegblor Noble Komla, Kwame Samuel, Barfi-Mensah HenriettaDOWNLOAD
8.Preparation Of Soil Fertility Map Of Niphad Taluka Farm, Nashik, Maharashtra, IndiaKhapare Kailas Namdev, Khapare Nilima KailasDOWNLOAD
9.A Study On Employability Gap In Hard Skill In IT SectorLydia V. K PandianDOWNLOAD
10The Making Of Sudra: As Reflected In Early Indian Literary TraditionsDr. G. C. ChauhanDOWNLOAD
11.Indian Post Surrogate It’s Face As Post Bank Of IndiaO. Mohammad RafeeDOWNLOAD
12.Review On Competent PAPR Reduction Scheme In OFDM SystemMr. Ashutosh D. Gabhane, Dr. Mrs. A. J. VyavahareDOWNLOAD
13.Secure Protocol Based Verification And Authentication For An Virtual Reality EnvironmentN. Saravanan, Dr. G. J. JoycemaryDOWNLOAD
14.A Comparative Study To Explore The Difference On Body Composition Varriables Between State Level Body Builders And Weight LiftersDr. Saikot Chatterjee, Dibyendu Mondal, Palash MondalDOWNLOAD
15.Early Indian Society As Reflected In Indica Of MegasthenesManjeet SinghDOWNLOAD
16.Smart Energy Saving System Based On Standby Power ReductionJithin M G, Alwin George A, Anupama Krishnan, Sreenath SukumaranDOWNLOAD
17.Causes of Public Sector Project Abandonment in Nigeria: A Significance Index AnalysisMee-Edoiye Meeting AndaweiDOWNLOAD
18.Detection Of Epileptic Seizures In EEG SignalMadhu Sudha.M, Thomaslin Veron Atheena.J, Kokilavani.K, Kalaiarasi.ADOWNLOAD