February Issue 2017

1.The Interpretive Research Paradigm: A Critical Review Of Is Research MethodologiesMwenda J. GichuruDOWNLOAD
2.A Pilot Study To Identify The Problems Faced By The Wives Of Persons With Alcohol DependenceSmitha Kanila, Dr Anil Kakunje DOWNLOAD
3.Teachers’ Perception On Endorsing Of Professional Records And Assignment Of Duties By The Head Teacher On Performance Of Duty In Primary Schools In Nakuru North District, KenyaMbatia Jane WairimuDOWNLOAD
4.Status Of Victims Of Medical Negligence; A Criticsl AnalysisUmeshwari DkharDOWNLOAD
5.Impacts Of Smartphone: A Data Mining Case Study In Theni District P. Suganya, R. Gowsalya Devi DOWNLOAD
6.Challenges Of Media Education Among Theological StudentsSasi Kumar. ADOWNLOAD
7.Textile And Mat Decolorized Water Quality Evaluation Against Both Indian And International Standards Of Potable WaterJeeva Anbuselvam, Subramanian Periyasamy, Mohan Anbuselvam DOWNLOAD
8.Study Of Reverse Osmosis Process Aparna Ghadge, Sagar GawandeDOWNLOAD
9.Automatic Fire Sprinkler By Using Nitinol WireA. Chinnamahammad Bhasha, N. Vijay Rami Reddy, B. Rajnaveen DOWNLOAD
10.The Recent Trends In India-China Maritime Rivalry: Highlighting Security AspectSubhajit GhoshDOWNLOAD
11.The Gender Equity In Islam And The Modern WorldHalima Ibrahim BatureDOWNLOAD
12.Effect Of Normalization Techniques In Robot Selection Using Weighted Aggregated Sum Product AssessmentManoj Mathew, Sagar Sahu, Ashish Kumar Upadhyay DOWNLOAD
13.Effect Of Leaf Extracts Of Lawsonia Inermis Linn. On Curvularia Lunata, Caused Leaf Spot Disease Of MaizeTansukh Barupal, Kanika Sharma DOWNLOAD
14.One Nation: Many IndianDr. Krupasindhu NayakDOWNLOAD
15.Assessment Of The Level Of Professional Socialization And Its Determinant FactorsProf. Ramandeep Kaur, Ms Karamjot Kaur Sharma DOWNLOAD
16.Premenstrual Symptoms Predict Postmenopausal Hot Flushes- A Retrospective Observational StudyDr. Vinu ChoudharyDOWNLOAD
17.Twisted, Tapered, Tilted (Leaning) Towers: Structural Complexities & AdvantagesMarionne JamesDOWNLOAD
18.Shifting Cultivation And Colonial Forest Policy In AssamIrya ChangsanDOWNLOAD
19.A Study On Customer Satisfaction Of Electronic Fund Transfer Facility Offered By Public And Private Sector Banks A. Devi, Dr. G. P. Raman DOWNLOAD
20.Estimation Of Fluoride Ion Concentration Levels In Drinking Water Samples Of Chickballapur Taluke By Using Ion Selective Electrode By Potentiometry (Activity Coefficient- Approach)Sreenivasa K, Narasimhamurthy B, Chandrasekhar K N DOWNLOAD
21.Pregnancy Related Acute Kidney Injury: Is Puerperal Sepsis Stills A Major Threat?D B Kadam, Anju M DOWNLOAD
22.Assessment Of Geographical And Physicochemical Properties Of Kewai River-Madhya PradeshAakriti Bansal, Avit Bansal, Divyanshi Singh DOWNLOAD
23.Continuous Feedback Process Implementation And Its Importance In IndiaSachin H Hulageri, Gayitri B KulkarniDOWNLOAD
24.A Study Of Job Stress Among Women Employees In Chennai CityMrs. J. Jamuna Rani, Dr. G. Vijaya Kumar DOWNLOAD
25.A Real Time Survey On Attacks And Detection Strategies For Primary User Emulator In Cognitive Radio NetworksShilpa Biradar, Giriraj PatilDOWNLOAD
26.Tolerance In Indian Culture – A Philosophical PerspectiveDr. R. RajalakshmiDOWNLOAD
27.Heart Disease Detection Based on ECG Signal: A Survey Ranjan Kumar Kashyap, Prof. R. M. Potdar DOWNLOAD
28.Design And Development Of Hybrid Electroluminescent Lamp From Embedded Phosphor Material: A SurveyJitendra Kumar Ekka, Prof. R. M. Potdar, Prof. RounakTamrakar DOWNLOAD
29.A Clinical Study Of Bronchial Asthma With Homoeopathic ManagementDr. Siva Rami Reddy. EDOWNLOAD
30.Current Prevalence Of HCV In Patients With Liver Disease And Its Related ProfileKrishnasamy Narayanasamy, M. Jai Ganesh, J. Janifer Jasmine, R. Senthil Kumar, A. Koodal Raj, R. Muthu Kumaran DOWNLOAD
31.Effects Of Moringa On The Surface Microbial Flora Of Carrots (Daucus Carota L.)O.O Adeoye, T.T. Adebolu, M.K. Oladunmoye, A.O. Ojokoh DOWNLOAD
32.Socio-Cultural Barriers Against The Prevention Of Female Genital MutilationDr. Adayonfo E. O., Dr. Adewole A. J. DOWNLOAD
33.Context-Aware Venue Suggestions Cloud Based SystemRashmi Wadkar, Prof. V. S. Nandedkar DOWNLOAD
34.Students’ Conceptions Of Physics And Learning DifficultiesJ D DubeyDOWNLOAD
35.Fabrication Of The Sensor: A Review On Recent Development And ProspectiveAmit Bhushan SrivastavaDOWNLOAD
36.Malware Variant Detection And RemovalAkin John Thomas, Anoop P S, Dilin Philip, Manu K Joy, Sincy John DOWNLOAD
37.USG Findings And Baby WeightShikha SinghDOWNLOAD
38.Nano Science And Technology: Popular UsesMahadev ChattopadhyayDOWNLOAD
39.Theory Of TIME Singularity & Concept Of MultiverseSyed Ahmed KatariaDOWNLOAD
40.Complete Study Of Intrusion Detection SystemMiss Ankita B. Palekar, Dr. S. S. Dhande DOWNLOAD
41.Assessment Of The Effect Of Provision And Management Of Resources On Teaching And Learning In Secondary Schools In Bungoma County, KenyaNick W. Namunga, William Barasa Wanjala DOWNLOAD
42.Impact Of Principals’ Communication Skills On Students’ Academic Performance In KenyaNick N. WaswaDOWNLOAD
43.Unified Payment Interface (UPI): A Catalyst Tool Supporting Digitalization – Utility, Prospects & IssuesRoshna Thomas, Dr. Abhijeet Chatterjee DOWNLOAD
44.Influence Of Project Implementation Practices On Project Performance In Sonysugar Company, KenyaEngineer Eric Ochieng Ngage, Dr Willy Muturi DOWNLOAD
45.Laboratory FM Transmitter Design And ImplementationMs. Diksha Kondiba Choudhari, Ms. Arati Ashok Chavan, Ms. Joan Rajendra Ranbhise, Mr. Swapnil M. Hirikude DOWNLOAD
46.Traditional Agricultural Wisdom And Livelihood: A Brief Note On Lanjia Saora Tribal In Gajapati DistrictMr. Junas SabarDOWNLOAD
47.The Role Of Naac For Quality Assurance In Indian Higher Education SystemDr. (Smt) Jyoti S. KawalekarDOWNLOAD
48.Root Surface Caries Prevalence In Dakshina Kannada PopulationProf. Dr. Mithra N. Hegde, Dr. Gowrish Bhat, Dr. Vandana Sadananda DOWNLOAD
49.A High Gain Current Mode Instrumentation Amplifier Vadlamudi Venkateswarlu, Thoram Saran Kumar DOWNLOAD
50.Implementation Of Convergent Encryption Scheme To Minimize The Cloud Storage RequirementPrerana Dakhane, Prof. Swati Patil DOWNLOAD
51.Simulated Annealing Based Voltage Source Inverter Design For Harmonic MitigationP. Kathirvel, Dr. K. Vijayakumar, M. Ganeshan DOWNLOAD
52.Vehicular Communication And Accident Prevention By Using Multiple Sensors And Zigbee TechnologyRamya. M, Prabha .T.R, Punnagai. K DOWNLOAD
53.Online School Managerial SystemMs. K. Karthika, C. Priyanka, B. Prasanna, H. Sowmiya DOWNLOAD
54.Implementation Of Privacy Preservation Using Anonymization Methods For Discrimination PreventionS. SwathiDOWNLOAD
55.Accident Recognization And Messaging SystemMr. V. Krishnamoorthy, S. Shruthi, S. Sowndarya, R. Priyadharshini DOWNLOAD
56.The Awakening Of Female Sexuality And Subversion In Ruskin Bond’s WorkAisha Mohammad Yamin Aroj AbbasDOWNLOAD
57.Clay Bricks Vs Fly Ash Bricks In ConstructionS Radhakrishnan, Dr K G Selvan, Dr S Senthil Kumar DOWNLOAD
58.Comparison Of Speech Enhancement Algorithms Using Different ParametersDurgesh, Ambalika DOWNLOAD
59.Religious Beliefs, Practices And Change: A Case Study Of Kinnaura TribeSudhyan Singh NegiDOWNLOAD
60.Data Loss Control In A Congested Network Using Computer Based Forecasting TechniquesONU, Fergus U., AKIENE, Promise T. K. DOWNLOAD
61.A Review Of Literature About Occupational Stress Among NursesSmitha ShineDOWNLOAD
62.Exploring The Relationship Among Metacognitive Awareness, Concept Representation And Achievement Of Senior Secondary School Students' In PhysicsAkintoye Hakeem, Owolabi Tunde, Aregbede Solomon DOWNLOAD
63.Feasibility Study For Special Economic Zone In Madurai District Mrs. Srividya D, Shenbagadevi R DOWNLOAD
64.A Study On Demonetisation And Its Impact On Indian EconomyMs. Yashna Samuel, Prof. Anoop K. Saxena DOWNLOAD
65.Experimental Investigation Of Flexural Behaviour Of Ferrocement Trough Type Folded PlateK. Kesava, K. Nehemiya, K. L. A. V. Harnadh DOWNLOAD
66.Industrial Relations In India: Challenges And Effectiveness Of Their OrganisationDoddayallappa JindappaDOWNLOAD
67.Reversely Placed Mesiodens In Mid Palatal Raphe Area: A Rare Case ReportDr Mala Tiwari, Dr Shradha Jaiswal, Dr Geeti V. Mitra, Dr Sushmitha R., Dr Tejas Motiwale DOWNLOAD
68.Movement Of Gorkhas For Constitutional Status In IndiaSurya Newar, Prof. Jainandan Pd. Singh DOWNLOAD
69.Continuous Query Processing Of Dynamic Data Items In Network Aggregation EnvironmentProf. P. E. Patel, Dr. K. V. Metre DOWNLOAD
70.The Effect Of Surface Texture On Skid Resistance Of Asphalt Pavements Abhirup Basu Roy ChowdhuryDOWNLOAD
71.Assessing The Job Satisfaction Levels Among Employees Of The Coconut Grove Hotel In Elmina, GhanaAto Anaman, Franklin D. DaCosta DOWNLOAD
72.The Bailment Of Womb (Altruistic Or Commercial): Hidden Psychological & Legal TormentsMrs. Shagufta AnjumDOWNLOAD
73.Antibacterial Activity Of Sericin From Sporlac Treated Silkworm Cocoon Against Some Human PathogensDr. A. Rexin, Dr. R. Vasantha DOWNLOAD
74.Enabling Technologies For Inclusive Development: A Study On Software Technologies For Visually ChallengedS R Krishna PulivarthiDOWNLOAD
75.Community Contributions Towards The Development And Implementation Of Low-Cost Housing Policies To The Urban Poor In Kisumu City, KenyaSamuel Otieno OndolaDOWNLOAD
76.Effect Of Film Thickness On The Transmittance Of Chemical Bath Deposited Barium Sulphide (BaS) Thin FilmAzubuike, Nkiruka IjeomaDOWNLOAD
77.Mahatma Gandhi Perception Of WomenDr. Malika Nadda, Seema Thakur DOWNLOAD
78.Economic Empowerment Of Tribal Women Through Mgnrega: A Case Study Of Kamarkuchi Gaon Panchayat Of Dimoria Development Block, Kamrup (Metro), AssamDibyalata Devee, Dr. Rupali Phukan Bhuyan DOWNLOAD
79.Investigating Factors Affecting E-Government Procurement (E-GP) Acceptance Decision Among Nigerian Small And Medium EnterprisesOlusegun, Bamidele SolomonDOWNLOAD
80.Visual Improvement For Dense Foggy & Hazy Weather Images, Using Contrast Enhancement And Colour Modification TechniquesR. D. Nirala, Dr. Ritu Vijay, Dr. P K Chaturvedi DOWNLOAD
81.Atomistic Simulations Of Ta, Mo & W And Their Binary Alloys Using Embedded Atom Method And Second Moment Approximation Of Tight BindingF. Mathew-Ojelabi, G. S. Agunbiade, T. H. Akande DOWNLOAD
82.Performance Evaluation And Detecting Selfish Nodes In DTNSS. Karthika, Mrs. P. Rajeswari DOWNLOAD
83.Synthesis, Spectroscopic And Inhibitory Study Of Some Substituted Schiff BasesAbidemi Iyewumi Demehin, Jelili Olalekan Babajide, Simon Olonkwoh Salihu, Sabejeje, Akindeji. Jerome DOWNLOAD