March Issue 2017

1.Infrastructure Management In Rural Development - A Study In Nagamalai Pudukottai Of Madurai DistrictVanitha P, Mrs. Karthigaipriya T DOWNLOAD
2.The Relationship Between Budget Deficit, Inflation And Money Supply Growth In Nigeria, From 1970- 2014Dr. Christopher O. Ehinomen, Ephraim IKechukwu Ugwu DOWNLOAD
3.Cancer Informal Caregivers’ Burden At The University College Hospital, Ibadan, NigeriaDr. Oboh OE, Dr. Adayonfo EO DOWNLOAD
4.Reversible Watermarking Technique For Relational Database In Cloud Computing EnvironmentMiss. Vishakha A. AbnaveDOWNLOAD
5.Survey On Multi-Keyword Search Over Encrypted Data In Cloud ComputingVarshini.B.V, Geethapriya.J DOWNLOAD
6.Determination Of The Aflatoxin Levels In Palm Oil Sold In Oil Mill Market, Port HarcourtUndiandeye, J. A., Otaraku, I. J. DOWNLOAD
7.The Accountant And Ethical Decision Making In BusinessDrZayol, P I, Betty Labilwa, Precious Torkuma DOWNLOAD
8.Financial Performance Of Life Insurance Companies And Its Impact In Indian EconomySubhasmita Mallick, Kishore Kumar Das, Niranjan Nayak DOWNLOAD
9.The Impact Of Bank Specific Variables On The Financial Performance Of Nigerian Deposit Money BanksAbdullahi, Sadiq Rabiu, Usman, Saidu DOWNLOAD
10.Evaluating The Past, Present, And Future In Apparel Development And Merchandise: The Home Economics PerspectiveIyam, Mary A., Udonwa, Rose E., Asikong, Ruth E. DOWNLOAD
11.A Research Study On The Degree Of Adaptation To Digital Medium By OrganizationsRidhima Bhanot Sharma, Dr. Marshal Mukesh Sahni DOWNLOAD
12.Anti-Dermatophytic Activity Of Piper Betle Linn. (Leaf Stalk)Nisar Ahmed Bhat, A. Bhardwaj, B. K. Tiwari DOWNLOAD
13.Social Science Teacher - Revamp Is The Need Of HourDr. Anuj KumarDOWNLOAD
14.A Secure And Dynamic Multi-Keyword Ranked Search Scheme Over Encrypted DataSwapnil Sawalkar, Harshal Datir, Ashwashil Lanjewar DOWNLOAD
15.Working Of Indian Criminal Justice System-An IntrospectionDr. Veena KumariDOWNLOAD
16.Amoralities Give Rise To Social Reform Movements Of Kerala – A Study Of Nambuthiri, Nair And Ezhava Women Analogous VowsJayasree K Kuniyath, Dr. K. C. Sankaranarayanan DOWNLOAD
17.Legal Route To Human DignityDr. Sangeeta ThakurDOWNLOAD
18.Prevalence Of Traumatic Dental Injuries Among Children And Adolescents: A Review Of LiteratureDr. Charan Kamal Kaur DharmaniDOWNLOAD
19.Unique Digital Address And Digital Repository In Public AdministrationSachin. H. HulageriDOWNLOAD
20.Photolithography: Preparation Of Microscale Polymer Profile: A Review On Recent Development And ProspectiveAmit Bhushan Srivastava, Rajendar Kumar Singh DOWNLOAD
21.BIOCERAMIC - Boon For Endodontic Lesion: A Case ReportDr Anil K Tomer, Dr Anjali Miglani, Dr Sandeep Rana, Dr Naagarjuna, Dr Anushree Gupta, Dr Priyali DOWNLOAD
22.Effectiveness Of Farm Broadcast Among The Farming CommunityShanthya. M. S, C. Karthikeyan DOWNLOAD
23.A Review On The Advancement Of Rooting In EucalyptsRomeet Saha, Kirti Chamling Rai DOWNLOAD
24.Length And Area Measurement System In India Through The AgesDr. Shailaj Kumar ShrivastavaDOWNLOAD
25.Poly Propylene Chrysanthemum Bio-Composite: Mechanical And Thermal StudiesN. Jaya ChitraDOWNLOAD
26.Smart Personal Security Alert Walking Stick For Visually Challenged PeoplePunitha.V, Revathi.S, Sathiya Priya.B.M, G. Fathima DOWNLOAD
27.Mysticism And Its Traces In Islamic WorldNeegar AfrozDOWNLOAD
28.Start-Up Family Businesses: Lesson From Large Successful Family BusinessesDr. Samuel Muiruri MuriithiDOWNLOAD
29.Present Scenario Of Media Education Training At Post Graduation Level On Specialization In Science Communication In Major Universities Of India: An Epistemological Case StudyRatul Datta, Prof. (Dr.) Tapati Basu DOWNLOAD
30.Mortality (LC50) By Standardization Artificial Soil Test Mathod For Estimation Of Toxic Effect Of Dieldrine And Cythion On Earthworm, Eisenia FoetidaAhmad Shahzad, S. S. Pawar DOWNLOAD
31.Fluoride Intoxication And Possible Changes In Trace Elements Of Kidney And Thigh Muscles In RatsBhavana S. Pillai, Santosh S. Pawar, Ahmed Shahzad, Smita B. Patil, Dipali D. Pillewar DOWNLOAD