August Issue 2016

1.Socio – Religious And Philosophical Views On The Notable Stories Of Saiva Saints Depicted In The Miniatures Panels Of Darasuram Temple (South India) R. Rajalakshmi, S. Bhooma DOWNLOAD
2.A Short Review On Models Of Cyber War And Infectious WormsAkshatDOWNLOAD
3.Islamic Finance; A Tool For Realizing Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) In NigeriaIbrahim Mohammed Lawal, Umar Babagana Imam DOWNLOAD
4.Teachers’ Perception On The Factors Influencing College Dropouts Among The Rural Learners In Puducherry RegionS. Irissappan, Dr. E. Ramganesh DOWNLOAD
5.Some Fuzzy Help-Guide Heuristics For Multi-Functional TeamEKHOLUENETALE MichaelDOWNLOAD
6.Land Mass Area Of Dharwad District Using Erdas Imagine Tool Varsha Raj T.R, Raghudathesh G.P DOWNLOAD
7.Women Vis-À-Vis Politics And Insurgency In Northeast India: A Reading Of Mitra Phukan’s The Collector’s Wife And Easterine Kire’s A Terrible MatriarchySharon Seb Rengma, Professor Sivasish BiswasDOWNLOAD
8.Expectation Of Successful Removal Of Cataract Among Rural Patients At A Teaching Hospital In Central MaharashtraRishiRaj Ashok Sinha, Roopa R Naik, Rajendra Prasad Gupta DOWNLOAD
9.The Importance Of Silkworm Pupa Solar Dehydrator In Silk Reeling Manufacturing IndustriesY. Sujatha, Dr. Issac Prasad, Dr. K. Prahlada Rao DOWNLOAD
10.A Study On Superficial Palmar Arch And Its VariationsDr. Zareena Shaik, Dr. Ravi Theja Eluru, Dr. Mutyalapati Venkata Ramulu DOWNLOAD
11.Suitable Site Selection For Sustainable Urban Development Planning With The Help Of Remote Sensing And GISMr. Surajit Bera, Dr. Mobin Ahmad, Mr. Raghib Raza DOWNLOAD
12.Review Paper On Preparation Of Liquid Emulsion Membrane For Separation Of PhenolVinay Ashok Rangari, Ajinkya Vasant Deshmukh, Akshay Kishor Chaudhari, Dr. Kalpana S Deshmukh DOWNLOAD
13.Mechanism For Imposing E-Mail Header Security: Expectation And SolutionDr. Richa PurohitDOWNLOAD
14.Reflection On Ontological, Epistemological And Methodological Perspectives: What Is The Difference Between Qualitative And Quantitative Research?Sabwa F. SavaiDOWNLOAD
15.Investors’ Behaviour Towards Investment Intention: A Study Of Investors Of Mutual Funds In Nagapattinam DistrictDr. R. LathaDOWNLOAD
16.Educational Status Of Muslim Women In Jammu And Kashmir Raveena ChoudharyDOWNLOAD
17.A Latin Square Design With Three Restrictions On Randomization (3RR – Latin Square)Effanga, Effanga O., Offong, Ntekim E. DOWNLOAD
18.Anomalous Formation Of The Portal Vein And Its Clinical Relevance: A Case ReportRapotra M, Singh R DOWNLOAD
19.Justification And Its Societal ConsequencesMr Siddharth Jain, Mr. Dwarak Leelaram DOWNLOAD
20.A Study On Dental Care Satisfaction Among Adult PatientsDeepthi.K, Dr. Pradeep.D DOWNLOAD
21.Evaluation Of The Efficiency Of Wastewater Stabilization System Using Macro-Invertebrates Community And Pollution Tollerance Index Benard Omboga Maranga, Paul Sagwe Orina, David Mbeva Liti, Josephine Mumbe Mulei DOWNLOAD
22.The Socio-Economic Impact Of Fascioliasis Disease In Nandi Central District, KenyaMutai P.ADOWNLOAD
23.An Overview Of Health Insurance In IndiaShri Ashimava PraharajDOWNLOAD
24.Contract Management Practices And Contract Damages In Developing Countries: Evidence From GhanaRichard Agbanyo, Martin Luther Obeng DOWNLOAD
25.Fabrication And Characterization Of Magnetoresponsive Carbon Nanotube Infused Polysulfone Nanocomposites Shisia K. Silvanus, Andala M. Dickson DOWNLOAD
26.Evaluation Of Hypoglycemic Potential Of Extracts Of Balanites Aegyptiaca Parts Mhya DH, Anigo, K.M., Umar, I.A., Alegbejo, J.O DOWNLOAD
27.Factors Influencing Maintenance Of Coastline Structures In The Kenyan CoastlineHillary James Nyaanga, Dr. Severina Peter Nkirina, Dr. Kaibui Mwikamba DOWNLOAD
28.An Examination Of Critical Success Factors (CSFS) And Key Performance Indicators (KPIS) For In-House Facilities Management In Public Polytechnics In GhanaAndrews Agbesi Gadzekpo, Daniel Amos, Alexander Sasu DOWNLOAD
29.Indian Banks Adopting Corporate Social Responsibility To Ascertain Significant Benefits And Assess Employee Sensitivity Mr. Harshit Eric Williams, Dr. Devaraj Badugu DOWNLOAD
30.Need For Managing Secondary School Curriculum Reforms In Nigeria For Enhancing Equity And GlobalizationProf. Hauwa Abdu Biu, Dr. Bala Dauda, Dr. Suleman Bello, Dr. Umar Amin Mohammed DOWNLOAD
31.Overview:The Role Of Reactive Oxygen Species In Pathogenesis Of Neurodegenerative DiseaseChunbin Zhang, Yu Li, Shuang Liu, Mukesh Kumar Singh, Meghna Mitali DOWNLOAD
32.The Role Of Agricultural Production On Nigeria’s EconomyAdams Oluwadamilola KemiDOWNLOAD
33.Impact Of Armed Insurgency On Man-Wildlife Conflicts In The Valley Of Kashmir, J & K, IndiaSajad Sarvar, Ruheena Tabasum, Syed A Untoo, Mehraj-ud-Din Gagloo, Bisma DOWNLOAD
34.Conservation Of Biodiversity And Wetlands As A Sacred And Religious Custom In Puruliya District, West BengalSujit Kumar Mandal, Ambarish Mukherjee DOWNLOAD
35.Attitude Of Secondary School Teachers Towards The Inclusion Of Special Educational Needs (SEN) Children In General Education ClassroomSujit SamantaDOWNLOAD
36.Asymptomatic Bacteriuria (ASB) In Pregnant Women Attending A Tertiary Health Care Centre In Makurdi, Central NigeriaAernan, P.T, Umeh, E.U, Gberikon, G.M. DOWNLOAD
37.Volumetric And Acoustic Properties Of Binary Liquid Mixtures Of Acetonitrile With 2-Ethoxyethanol And 2-Butoxyethanol At Different TemperaturesRahul Singh, Sudir Kumar, Sangeeta Sagar, Manisha Gupta DOWNLOAD
38.Justification And Its Societal ConsequencesMr Siddharth Jain, Mr. Dwarak Leelaram DOWNLOAD
39.Toxiciy Of Malathion On Some Biochemical Changes On Kidney Of Fish Channa Punctatus (Bloch.)Muddassir Ahmad Thoker, Khan. A.A, Sharma G.D, Rather Ajaz Ahmad DOWNLOAD
40. Effect Of Activity-Based Physical Science Teaching Upon Students At Secondary Level And Experimental StudySujit SamantaDOWNLOAD
41.Women Education In India: Problem And ProspectSujit SamantaDOWNLOAD
42.Fabrication Of Cellulose Based Spherical Superabsorbent Nanocarriers And Their Assessment Of Water Retention Performance For Controlled Irrigation In AgricultureRaineesh Sharma, A. K. Bajpai DOWNLOAD
43.Comparative Study Of Certain Haematological Parameters (Total Rbc, Wbc Count And Haemoglobin Estimation) Among Four Species Of Live FishesMridusmita Mahanta DOWNLOAD
44.Depositors’ Satisfaction And Level Of Awareness Towards Post Office Savings Bank Schemes With Special Reference To UdumalpetMs. N. Kalaiarasi, Ms. S. Saranyadevi DOWNLOAD
45.Contribution Of Pilot Study: Critical In Planning Research Design Dr. Mahewash Hasan DOWNLOAD
46.Can hIPS Cells Replace hES Cells: An Ethical ReviewJoyeeta AddyaDOWNLOAD
47.Need For Reconstruction Of Higher Education System In IndiaDr. Shailaj Kumar ShrivastavaDOWNLOAD
48.The View Of Dr. Amitava Ghosh On Casteism, And Its Reflection On Today’s RealismSambhu Chakrabarti, Arjundeb Sensarma DOWNLOAD
49.Effect Of Earth Construction Acts On The Urban EnvironmentAdiukwu, Fidelis Onyekachi, Ala, Adebayo Ayodeji, Olanrewaju, Tayewo Segun DOWNLOAD
50.Excess Volumes For 4-Methylpentan-2-Ol With n-AlkanesParveen BalaDOWNLOAD
51.A Triple Layer Matrix Tablet Of Aceclofenac As Biphasic ReleaseSushant R. Jagtap, B.A Bhairav, D.G Phadtare, R. B. Saudagar DOWNLOAD
52.A Critique Of Isukhure Rite In Legitimising Adultery In Esan CultureEribo Nosakhare Monday DOWNLOAD
53.African Philosophy Is A Defense Of Africa IdentityEribo Nosakhare Monday DOWNLOAD
54.A Study on Sports Performance of Physical Education Trainee FemalesProf. Krishna Banerjee (Biswas), Piyali Mishra, Provash Das DOWNLOAD
55.Validation Of Usability Evaluation Models Through Experimental Setup And Empirical StudyP. Ashok Reddy, Dr. K. Rajasekhara Rao, Dr. M. Babu ReddyDOWNLOAD
56.Accessibility Of Schools And Enrollment Rate Of Ongoing School Children In The Gulbarga DistrictDr. Surekha Ksheerasagar, Hany.K.J. DOWNLOAD
57.Status Of Teachers In Gulbarga DistrictDr. Surekha Ksheerasagar, Hany.K.J. DOWNLOAD
58.Numerical Modelling Of Wave Drift Load On Ship Shaped Offshore Structures (Case Study – West Africa Offshore)Abam, Tamunopekere Joshua, Agbakwuru, Jasper Ahamefula, Sidum Adumene DOWNLOAD